Capital Advisory

Axius Partners Real Estate Development Financing Solutions

April 30, 2020

Axius Partners is excited to advise that real estate development financing solutions are still available for good quality sponsors and projects, will enable developers to maintain momentum and deliver projects into a post Covid-19 recovering market.

With the impact of Covid-19 still being absorbed, and despite challenges in obtaining real estate debt capital from both bank and non-bank lenders, Axius Partners has been able to secure senior, mezzanine and residual stock finance for sponsors, structuring these transactions on favourable terms to accommodate sponsor requirements.

Where negative market sentiment has impacted presales, Axius Partners provides solutions that enable projects to be funded. The provision of residual stock finance also takes the stress from having to exit stock at a discount, enabling a sustainable sell-down process, so developers can take advantage of improved economic conditions once the impact of Covid-19 subsides.

Axius Partners welcomes the opportunity to work with sponsors and secure funding for property transactions including property investment, development and residual stock financing.

Please contact:

George Giovas

M: 0435 763 045